Why do you make me feel less?

Just a thought shared with you!

Why do you make me feel less? Why do you not make me feel more? Why do I believe you?

Why do i chose people around me or in my innermost circle that make me feel less?

What is it in me that finds people like that all the time?

Why can I not change this?

Is it possible that I don´t deserve to be loved like I am, not like I should be?

Why do you mock my age?

Why do you think you are more than me because I have more years behind me and more life experience?

Why do you think you are more than me?

Why can we not be equals?

Why do you humiliate me?

What gave you the right to put the blame on me and not take responsibility for your actions? Why?

Could it be because you think I am less than you just because the age?

Could it be because I allow you to humiliate me and call me names?

I have to keep in my mind always, every minute that I am worthy of loving others and receiving love. No one can take that away from me.

It is ok if you don´t like or love me but please don´t blame me on your shortcomings. Trust is what I gave you. Trust is what you broke. Let´s not blame each other. Let´s just respect and be honest with ourselves.

It sometimes hurts to take responsibility for own doings and it might be tempting to put the blame on another but it does not make it all right and it hurts a lot, both the accuser and the one being accused will suffer.

Hulda Björnsdóttir




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