Hope is the only solution today!


Good morning my friends.

I wrote something in Icelandic and posted here so now I owe you something in English.

The situation in the world is mad.

Everyone knows that, but we cannot lose hope,

I do go out every day even though I am supposed to stay inside. I take care of not going among people but I would be insane if I could not go out and have fresh air in my lungs. Driving in my car and stopping somewhere in the wilderness and walking is my solution.

Here in Portugal almost everything is closed except the supermarkets I think and the pharmacies are open.

It is a difficult situation for those who work from home and sell their handicraft at the weekly markets.

The artists are also out of work, those who are working individually, at least. The schools are closed and the libraries.

I saw an elderly man last Sunday walking back home from the shop where he usually picks up his bread returning with and empty bag.

I wonder how the elderly do manage. The pension is not much and the houses are cold. This is after all the last part of our winter here in my little land.

Today is a grey day, it’s cloudy and rain in between but nothing compared to the mood among the population.

I miss not being able to see my friends and get a hug from them and laugh with them.

Maybe the only shining star behind all these clouds is that we could have a new president in USA.

I have been trying to keep optimistic and spreading light around me but I have to admit that on a grey day like today where the clouds are thick and the rain is heavy it is more difficult than yesterday in the sunshine.

I will keep on, trying and succeeding if I don´t give up.

Hope is good and dreams can come true if we just hold on to them. I have decided to dream about better world and a situation where we go back to normal. That’s the only way.

Yesterday when I came home there were those beautiful pictures at the main entrance door. I am lucky and the beautiful young kids that are now on a unwelcome holiday are making our live more optimistic and telling us to “let’s keep going and hoping”

I want to share with you those pictures. I went downstairs this morning in pyjamas to take the photos and here they are to warm your hearts like they warmed mine yesterday and will today.

Let´s not despair.

Let´s help each other to make it through the times we have never seen before and let´s make love survive. Love for each other is the greatest gift and we can show it by contacting our friends and families by social media.

I am grateful for all the messages I have got. I am also grateful for being able to have food on my table. If you know about someone that does not have food on their table, maybe you could help.

Unity is the word of the day for me.

We are all in this together and we will make it. We are stronger together than separate.

May love and light embrace you all, wherever you are in the world my dear friends.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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