Chinese Sagas – Why are Chinese bathtubs small?

  1. January 2020

Why are Chinese bath tubs so small?

When I was deciding how my beautiful house in China should look inside and making the furniture look like something representing me there was a lot to take into account.

The painting depended on the colours of the sofas.

The tiles depended on my taste and it went on and on.

My interior designer came with me. He took me to the expensive shops and we contemplated and discussed and contemplated more and discussed more. Finally everything was ready, except the bathrooms!

There was a huge problem.

The fact was that everything was made for Chinese size, not 171 cm tall western lady that wanted to be able to have normal sanitary bathrooms in her new house.

We found eventually a shop that did sell some bigger bath tubs, a tiny bit bigger.

We stood there, me and my interior designer and the office manager. I told them, the bath tub they wanted me to have, was too small!

No, no, it’s not too small; the manager smiled and looked me up and down.

After several attempts to convince those 2 I took of my shoes. I stepped into the thing and sat down. There I was looking up to them, which was different from when I was on the floor, at least 20 centimetres taller and looking down with a smile to my wonderful friends!


Convinced now? I asked

Hm, there was no way I would be able to use this bath tub, everyone could see that, even those two.

The manager took me to another shop, they usually have many and this one was in a mall, among the more expensive ones we might find proper size. At least the manager was optimistic. My dream came true. There was one huge, with massage and everything. Are you happy with this one? and the excitement was on.

Yes, I think so but I need to try it!


Yes I need to see if I fit in!

Ok, and my shoes went off again. You don´t step into a shiny new bath tube with your shoes on!

xiamenmai09 448


Now I could go back to Iceland, knowing that everything would be perfect when I came back 6 months later!

Little did I know!

Hulda Björnsdóttir

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