Portuguese SAGAS – The weather is bad, really bad, these days

21. December 2019

We have had a bad weather in my little land for days now. The storm has surged through us and put many at risk.

The water has been endless. I think the angels and God are fed up with the situation in the world and now they just cry and cant do anything else.

The electricity went off for almost 24 hours here in my little land and today and yesterday it has been on and off.

The rain has been like I don´t know what.

The wind has shaken everything like an angry ghost.

The water is flowing, the houses are empty, the people have been moved away but the damage is done and what will happen to their houses is a question. Are the houses completely ruined or not? Only time will tell. There is a red warning in many places this evening because of the water.


At the moment there is electricity where I am but it has been dancing back and forth during the day.

The internet is on and off.

The water in the parking lot in my condominium is more than yesterday.

The celebration in the castle in my village has been cancelled because of the damage done during the night. The hurricane was horrible. Every year we do have something happening in the castle and people come from all over to enjoy. This Saturday the TV was supposed to be here but no, the weather made sure that everything was ruined. This is also an important event for the people that sell their handicraft, food, vine, honey and nuts. So sad.

But if the forecast for the next days is true the worst seems to be over and the wind less. Maybe the gods and the angels will stop crying and become calm and content. It is winter and the sun likes to peak, even though it´s cold.

Tomorrow is Sunday, another day and we don´t know what happens then.

I just hope the wind, the rain and the cold goes on a Christmas holiday and sleep during the next weeks!

Hulda Björnsdóttir




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