Portuguese SAGAS – Just a thought

11th of September 2019

Here I am again as promised.

It’s just amazing to see how WordPress tells me that now I am on 5 days something and how wonderful everything is and I´m doing well.

I can´t disappoint WordPress so quickly something today but more to come soon, maybe tomorrow.


There is a new friend in the house.

Having tendinitis screaming during day and night is not an ideal situation and now I have been in physiotherapy for some time, not very long but am finally beginning to feel better or so to speak.

My therapist is wonderful, tiny Portuguese young woman who does not kill me. The problem with massage here in my little land is that they try to kill you every time they touch you, or most of them.

I was lucky and found one that is tender and sympathy is her main goal, apart from getting the patient on his or her feet without screaming!

Yesterday she told me about a friend I could buy in Taveiro and this morning I went. Had some other errands to run there and of course a wonderful lunch as well.


First was though a trip to Coimbra, my little computer is behaving like a teenager. She does not want to obey my wishes and the only way to solve the problem was to send her to the computer hospital and see if they can fix her. So, now she is in the hands of the wonderful young men that know how to fix teenage computer problems and they will call me when she is obedient again.

My laptop is almost nine years old and I am beginning to think about changing but she has windows 8,1 which I like and every new laptop nowadays has windows 10. My little one has windows 10 and there I am going to learn how to use that one. I really don´t like windows 10 but there is no option. The drivers don´t work with the older computers. Well this is boring for you.

I had lunch in Taveiro and there I got a real surprise, a wonderful one.

The restaurant does not use plastic straws in the cups they serve the drink. They don´t not use a lid either and there is an effort in this to save the environment. I like this, as well as the healthy food I buy from them. Jammi.

Well, another accomplishment today is talking to my neighbour Dahlia and we decided to ignore the mad one downstairs and continue to make the garden beautiful!

I bought a beautiful tree yesterday and am going to buy more today. They are going to the garden in pots, not into the ground.

By the way, a pot is a vaso in Portuguese if you did not know. I also came across a word in Portuguese that is Syster which means sister in Icelandic. I have no idea if this is a name of the medicine or the company but have to investigate soon, and will tell you the result. Pera in Portuguese is pera in Icelandic and means the fruit pear. Biblia in Portuguese is also biblia in Icelandic and means bible.

Enough for today from me to you.

Just remember to enjoy the day and appreciate the little things, then life becomes wonderful.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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