I almost lost it in the supermarket!

9th of September 2019

I stood at the scalers table and waited for my carrots and apples to be weighed.

There, in a box next to the scalier, many beautiful figs looked at me inviting and wonderful.

Dark purple blue, they had their eyes on me.

Are you not going to get a bag, it’s just here beside our box? they asked.

I looked at them.

Made sounds like I was having an orgasm in the middle of the day in the supermarket.

My friend came, the one who weighs the fruits and veggies.

She looked at me and then at the figs. She smiled and I almost cried.

There are too many calories in them, I whimpered, and watched the beauties with my mouth watering.

My friend weighed the carrots and apples and I left.

Well, I did not leave; I saw melons, lots of melons, red and yellow, cut and whole.

My hand moved.

My friend came.

These 2 are the best, she told me.



Few calories, I said.

Yes, almost no calories at all and so good in the heat, my friend told me.


I picked up my melon. She was coming home with me.

I have one kilo to loose, I said.

My friend smiled and I smiled back.

But the figs are beautiful; I contemplated on my way out and made a strange sound with my whole body, longing for the beauty but being practical.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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