Portuguese SAGAS – Holiday ahead, 1 day until I head north!

29th of April 2018

Now it’s just 1 day until I get into my car and head north for a holiday.

Today I have been baking for the whole month. I am not going to bake in the summerhouse and I need my own bread. I used the last Icelandic moss, which is a pity but of course it won’t last forever if you use it. There is no sugar in my breads an no yeast. Baking powder and raisins are what I use and of course seeds.


Now my breads are resting and waiting to go into the freezer. 6 of them.


Yesterday I did all the packing. Everything is ready in boxes and bags. I am going to spend a whole month away from home so there is a lot to pack!

Today I also did some cloths washing.

There is no way I am going to do laundry in May. I will be on holiday and then you don’t wash anything except your body. Of course I will take one or 2 showers during this month, or at least one or 2.

I have enough cloths to last for more than a month and June will be the washing month, the one where I wash the holidays away.

My heart is a bit tired so an afternoon nap was necessary today.

Now the dishwasher is taking care of all the baking stuff and I have had lunch and dinner together. Totally forgot to have proper lunch, was busy.

Codfish and potatoes with carrots and beans. Wonderful and healthy. I always eat my potatoes with the skin. There is a lot of goodies in the skin and by cooking my food myself I know everything is clean and healthy. Although, sweet potatoes I do peel.

I did have some leftover of the white wine I used some days ago in some cooking and that went into the pan today. Also I had some wonderful herb cheese which made the souse a souse, you know.

My blood pressure has been rather high these last couple of days and maybe it is the flue or the consequences of it that are bothering me. I will take care of it in the peace and quiet and regular walking and everything.

Today the weather has been strange. Sunshine, rain, sunshine, cloudy and then suddenly heavy rain which turned out to be hail. Can you imagine, hail in the end of April in Portugal when the tourists are slicking the sun in Algarve? So unfair! We here on the mainland should get our share of sunshine and not hail.

Now it is half past seven in the evening and cloudy but beautiful.

Meditation is on the plan tonight and early to bed. Tomorrow is a long day where I will be putting all my holiday stuff into the car.

Oh my, I am looking forward to my trip north on Tuesday. It will be amazing. Imagine all the stories I can tell you about the new people I meet and the other hotel guests and my trips to see my land and new villages to explore.

I will stay in a house. Just me but there will be guests in the other houses.

It can´t get better even though it may rain a bit and be a tiny bit cold. I´m prepared for everything.

So this is first writing about my holiday.

The next one will be tomorrow.

Until then,

Have a great evening or a day, depending on where you are in the world.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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