Portuguese SAGAS – The building plan –

9th of March 2018

Portuguese SAGAS – My land



There are some hurdles while building a house in my little land.

I did not think it would be easy and no surprises so far.

The system is just a system and if I follow the flow then everything ends up just as it should.

Patience is the word I use a lot these days.

To test my patience I got a sever allergy few days ago and looked like a monster. Being dandy can sometimes kick you in the back.

My face was almost double, or so to speak. Not quite, but almost. I got some medication from the pharmacy and have been sleeping more or less since I began to take it. But, the good news is that my face is almost beautiful again! That was the goal in the beginning but the delicate one could not take the change, so now I have to go back to basics again. That’s fine with me.

So, back to my land and my new house to bee.

The land is still there. Some measurement is needed to make sure I can, really can, build a house on it. The former owner is going to make the measure. It takes time, I am in Portugal and we don´t rush too much. Time is there and flows like a serene creek full of raining water these days. It is also raining and not good to saunter around like it was a sunny day with a yardstick and paper.

There are some ruins which will be demolished but the excitement is what to build instead, how will my house be, what will it look like?

An architect came to my apartment to figure out that my place was cold!

I could have told him that.

Although these are the rules in my little land and before I can sell my apartment I had to have this certificate where it is printed in black and colours how cold my apartment is. I paid 258 euros and got a paper. Yeh.

Now I have another task.

I am too old to get a loan, a normal one for house building.

How can I be too old? I am healthy beautiful woman, just 72 years old and will most likely be 90 or more. Many years left.

Anyway, I went to different banks and one offered me 2 and half year and the others nothing for me and those who are more than 60. What are the banks thinking? Do they think people in the prime of their lives should just sit home and knit?

The system here is wonderful.

Now, because I am not sleeping all the time, I have prepared a lot of documents, A LOT, to take to my bank and apply for a personal loan. I am going to build my house. I won’t get enough for my apartment and the bank is going to lend me, I am sure. I know who I am going to talk to. I have been talking to him for a long time just about anything and he will help.

Today someone (from some strange bank) called me and asked if I needed a Credit card? Can you imagine? What should I do with another credit card? I don’t use it anyway.

Well, When my land has been measured and the camera has told me where I can build I will go to the house company and they can make the layout for my new beautiful woodhouse. I take the papers to the camera and apply for permission to build. It takes 6 months to get the permission.

In the meantime I sell my apartment, get the money and won’t have to wait too long to move in.

Wonderful, everything is planned and soon I will be telling you about tiles, paint, kitchen, floors and good knows what.

I love my life. It would be good to have now the money one of my siblings stole from me but that is not going to happen so the bank has to listen to me, and I am sure they will.

Now it is raining a lot in my little land. The rain is welcome but the laundry takes ages to dry.

Who am I complaining about water? We need the water in my little land.

I might tell you more about my preparations soon. I can’t tell you everything now. The excitement needs to continue.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

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