Just a thought shared with you – The sisters ENVY and HATE

8th of February 2018

When people become public figures something changes. They stop being anonymous and become someone that everyone has an opinion about and people even have different views. What a tragedy!

Everyone should be on the same page. If you are not on the same page you are full of envy, or are you?

One of the new politicians in the Icelandic parliament has been complaining about how mean people are now. She has told us that those who she considered her friends have turned their back on her. Is that so? And if so then why did this happen?

Her explanation is that this has roots in envy. Envy because now she is not anymore a woman relying on social security, now she is a politician highly valued and gets payed several times more than the common people who have to rely on the help of the society.

What the woman did perhaps not realise is that the public do have an opinion and they have a right to tell what they think.

I agree that if the discussion becomes ugly with rude words it is not what we need or what we do accept. But, different opinions are good.

If you don´t agree with me I do not think you envy me. I simply think you have another sight of the matter. I find that good. Discussion is always good. It can be polite, sharp and sometimes quite annoying when there is no way to convince the other party that you are right!

What is wrong with people who are public persons by choice, they became politicians because the wanted to?

Why can the common public not criticise or have different opinions without being stamped ENVIOUS?

What does envy mean?

How do you become envious?

According to Longman dictionary the meaning is:

you wish that you had someone else’s possessions, abilities etc:

because you want something that someone else has

jealous • envious • envy • jealousy •

are other words used for the feeling, because when you look at it closely it is just a feeling, nothing more.

I find it hard to understand or accept that different opinions are stamped as ENVY.

If we cannot share different opinions we will dye.

Everyone will be the same.

Everything will be according to those in power.

We, who have the courage to say what we think, will be put to jail, locked forever, just to make ground for those who are in power but even though the power is theirs they lack confidence and they blame the lack on us who disagree.

I don´t envy anyone, I think it is a waste of energy.

Envy is the sister of hate.

They both drain the energy and the happiness of those who nourish the sisters.

Being a public figure changes your life.

Your promises are scrutinised. Your words are listened to. Do you keep your promises or do you change when power is in your hands?

Everyone that intends to become a public figure should perhaps think about this. Please do not stamp us who don´t agree with you as full of envy.

We feel in fact a bit sorry for you when you begin lying to us and forgetting your wonderful promises you handed out so generously to get our votes so you could gain the power.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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