Portuguese SAGAS – The storm last night

11th December 2017

Yesterday evening the raving storm hit us in my little land. The trees shook their branches and tried to get rid of the weather. The weather won. At 10 in the evening the electricity went off. The internet was off. The phones were off.

During the night the storm and the rain took over. It was worst during the central and north but no part was totally free from the ugly head that threatened to destroy everything.

I bought, some time ago, a big flashlight and keep it at my bedside. It was a good feeling, when I got up during the night to check if everything was where it should be, to have the blue flashlight made in China, lighting up the rooms.

During this year we have had a drought through out the country. We have also had the terrible fires. All this adds to the devastation that we saw last night and it was easy for the roaring head of the storm and rain to destroy. They left destruction behind them. Now it is 13.54 and dark inside my apartment. The clouds, the dark ugly ones, are sailing through the sky and blocking the sun, which is in waiting somewhere behind. She did manage to shine a tiny bit this morning but not for long.


The houses are built, in many cases, jus on the edge of the hills. We don’t have much lowland in my little land. There have been fallen trees and there have been huge holes next to the houses this morning. To try to help the heavy machinery is bringing big rocks and filling up the holes.

On the picture above the hole is 20 meters deep. Do you notice how close it is to the house? It is at the edge of the garden. What a sight.

One person had been killed in this storm, or at least that is what we know so far.

There is no end to the devastation in my little land this year.

Climate change is partly to blame.

Human errors bear some of the blame.

At the same time the president of the most powerful country in the world ignores the  danger the fires roar through part of his country. How can he be so ignorant? I don´t understand it.

We all have to join hands and try to change the process. We need to make effort to turn the  evolution and make our planet whole again.

During last night, when there was no phone connection I thought about our situation. If something happened we would just have to die in our homes. We could not call anyone for help. The phones did not work. I have to admit that it is a bit frightening.

My neighbour next door is due to give birth any day now. She is ok this morning and continues to wait for the baby to arrive. I just hope the weather does calm down and leave us to enjoy the Christmas. Is that too much to ask?

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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