I am not hungry but need something

25th of July 2017

These days it is really hot here in Portugal. I get hungry but not hungry. I don´t want hot food and for lunch I don’t want to cook.

Something needs to nourish me and that’s when I love my blender and frozen berries.

Today I mixed blueberries and pecan nuts plus protein and soy milk.

I make my own soy milk and there are no added ingredients. Just the beans and water. I learned to make my own when I lived in China. After 6 years in Portugal my old machine needed rest so I invested in a new one. Its steel and hopefully will last for ever.

Usually I add frozen bananas to my smoothie but today I did not.

If you want to experiment just put anything you have in the fridge or freezer. I like the cold one because it is hot.

Just make sure the protein you are using is good quality.

You could add some cyan pepper and even some hemp oil.

Use your imagination and experiment. That is the word of the day. Experiment

Life is too short to lack the adventures. Experimenting with something new is always and adventure. It does not have to be huge, just the little things, like making a smoothie with different ingredients can be a great surprise. Just look at mine and see the beautiful colour. Using strawberries makes a different colour. Did you know that frozen strawberries are healthier than fresh ones? Don’t ask me why but I like them cold and they taste different.

Have a great day and enjoy it.

Hulda Björnsdóttir




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