Portuguese wedding part 3

20248346_875138202638008_1724057825709424866_o.jpgI have already posted 2 parts and here is the 3rd one.

This young man had a very important job at the wedding.

I noticed him when the groom arrived with his family.

He looked so grown up and yet so young. So sweet but also a tiny bit nervous.  I saw him talking to the grandfather and it looked like he was seeking some advise, which he got with a smile and a pat on the shoulder.

Grandfathers are like that. They cheer when its needed and they encourage when you have to depend on your independence.

The young man was not tall. He was not playing loudly with the other children while the brunch was served. There was just a grown up young boy who would one day be a handsome young man having the young women trying to look their best. What a grand future.

When the bride arrived it was obvious that his role was important.

Just before she came and we gathered at the house he was sitting there with his glasses on. A terrible sunshine could ruin everything so sunglasses, big ones, were a must. He sat there with a box.  I asked what was in the box? He looked at the groom, who stood next to us. Oh, I knew. The rings. They were the treasure the wonderful boy took such a good care of and did not let out of his sight. I asked if I could take a photo and that was ok. That moment he made my day.

When the bride had arrived and the priest finished talking and laughing he was asked to bring the box.

Where was he?

If you are a young boy with a heavy task ahead you sometimes loose the concentration. That’s normal isn’t it?

Someone found him and he walked with dignity towards the altar. Some people tried to guide him but that was not necessary, now he knew what to do.

The box was opened and the rings were there. Everything was ok and he could go back. Looked like a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders and he could breathe normally.

Moments like this are precious for us who live them but they are like diamonds in the memory bank for a young handsome Portuguese boy.

He was my hero and I will never forget him.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

4 thoughts on “Portuguese wedding part 3”

  1. Interesting…!!
    Happy to see you writing again & that too in English.
    Keep going.
    With best of regards


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