Portuguese wedding part 2

20247877_875023489316146_8030282551653147379_o21. July 2017

Yesterday I told you a bit about my wonderful experience when attending my friends wedding here in Portugal.

I want to share some more with you.

The weeding was outside as I told you yesterday. Because my friend and her fiancée are both working in the music world there was bound to be a lot of music. This was going to be the concert of  the year. The sister of the bride plays the harp and some friends are singing and playing different instruments.  Here they are preparing. The ceremony has not begun.

This was a hot day so everyone sitting needed a fan and there they were waiting on the white seats. These seats are for the closest family and would soon be occupied by them.

The beautiful fountain, that is in fact a wall, was making those peaceful sounds, soothing and singing with a soft voice that  only water can.

When I came first to Quinta das Janelas I wondered why these naked trees were there. Another one is closer to the entrance to the banquet hall. There is a reason for everything here in my wonderful country and these trees are important.

On the tree closer to the banquet hall  were red cards with something written  on them but I did not look and figure out what it was. There was so much to see. So, what was written on them? Names of famous composers.  Something else and I thought maybe it would be some of the arias and songs they made. Little did I know. I did not  want be in the way and decided to figure it out later.

The preparation went on and soon everything was ready for the brunch.

The sun was shining.  Beautiful ladies in amazing dresses. The groom was there and the harp sounded like a hymn in the sunshine. Hugs and kisses and firm handshakes. This was a day to remember and lot more to tell.

Hulda Björnsdóttir




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