My first blog in English

20. July 2017

Good morning.

Finally I got my blog up, the one in English.

This one is for all my foreign friends and I have been postponing it but now its here.

I am going to write stories here, everything that comes to my mind. I will also share this blog on my Facebook page and those who are my friends there will see my thoughts.

Today I have been contemplating about the wonders of live and how great it is just to breath. There are all kinds of quick solutions but nothing is like just enjoying the beauty of everyday.

I don´t take my days for granted. I am grateful each and everyone. Well, here I am again about gratitude !

In my little village, here in Portugal, the weather is fine, not too hot but the sun is shining. I have seen in the news how a terrible rain has been hammering on my dear Chinese friends. When I see this my heart jumps. What about my students? Are they ok? What about my friends, are they well, and their families?

Then I saw the other day that in India it is also raining a lot. Are my friends there safe?

My friends in America, are they ok? So many questions when I see the weather news.

So, today you will just enjoy seeing me here and reading my first blog in English. I hope you are all well and look forward to share with you my endless adventures.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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