Another day

19th of September 2022

What a day it has been

The morning was fine and the sun shining

Now it’s evening and some clouds appearing

Looking like rain and thunderstorms during the night and tomorrow

I lost control of my temper 😭 and am not too happy about it but will survive

I seem to be walking in circles and getting to the same place again and again

A decision has to be made but until I’m absolutely sure I must keep calm

Next month will be fine and I will stay calm I hope

I’m loving myself more today than yesterday and moving forward to seeing how great I am even though I shouted and screamed

I’m worried about my heart but tomorrow I will know what to do if I make it to see my handsome wonderful doctor. He will tell me what to do.

Keeping calm is important and listen carefully 😂

The future is almost over for today and tomorrow a new future starts when I wake up

The day is over and nothing can be changed about this day

Dvelling on the past is useless

Looking at the future is different and can be used as a guideline

I want my situation to change but first I need to accept, truly accept the now

Wise man once said to me that happiness is self-respect

I’m looking into my heart and soul, asking for guidance

Have a good night wherever you are in the world

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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