Don´t threaten me!

28th of December

It´s evening here in my little land and I am sitting in the dark writing about my happiness and my sorrow.

I am taking responsibility for my actions and my feelings as much as I can.

People are trying to destroy my happiness and my life.

It´s up to me to rise up and defend myself and my life.

It’s up to me to rise up and speak out if I need to.

I am stronger than you think, you who threatened me, and said if I dared to write anything about you or the ones you have grouped with, I would be destroyed financially and mentally and you would ruin my life.

You can try!

I can tell you that your success will be your failure. I am stronger than the evil in you.

Your hate and your despicable actions during decades of my life have not destroyed my courage but your hateful heart is destroying you.

You are used to me not defending myself but you are mistaken thinking that is the future.

My defence wall is up and strong.

I am not alone.

I have people around me who love me and who are preparing for my defence against your actions.

This is a threat to you my enemy.

You will die before me, because your hatred it eating up your body.

You will send someone to tell me that you are dying and you will expect me to be the forgiving saviour.

I will not grieve you and I will not save you. Your are destroying everything good you ever got from me and that is your responsibility and not mine.

I don´t care about you at all.

You have no place in my heart because you ripped my feelings out on your own.

You know who your are.

I am not going to name you.

I am not going to dignify you in any way.

You are nothing!

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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