Dreams make you whole and confident !

13th of July 2020

Just a thought this morning.

I am a Gemini a typical one with all the complications and problems, i.e. problems for other people, not for me, no way!

I jump from one subject to the next one without noticing and people I am talking to just shake their head and are totally lost.

Luckily I do have friends who understand this problem and just pause and ask me to tell them what I am talking about NOW !

I have been like this always I think. Another problem I have is planing and thinking and then suddenly jumping the idea in front of someone, the boss or my friend.

The idea is fully processed in my mind, I have been thinking about the pros and cons for sometimes a long time and then I expect my boss to understand !

I was lucky. Many years ago when working for a company the boss told me: You can not jump your ideas on my, the ones you have been moulding for weeks, and expect me to say fine, just like that. I understood and I waited until he came and told me we could go ahead and the idea was perfect! Lucky me, don´t you think?

I have been realising slowly but persistently that my confidence is growing every day. I am who I am and I am proud of it.

What a relieve.

I don´t have to get permission to be the strange or different me!

I can just be.

Nothing to that you might say.

But for me it is a lot. I have allowed other people to define my, I have allowed other people to belittle me simply because I don´t fit into their frame. Can you believe it?

Freedom, my freedom is finally here. I am different, just like you are different. We are all unique. There is no one quite the same. Have you thought about this and looked at your life and your believes? Are they yours or are they to please someone else. It is interesting to look and you might find something you never expected. You might find your new self, the one that you love and want to nourish and pamper.

This was just a thought for today and tomorrow is another day and my thoughts will change and grow and my confidence will surprise both me and you.

Enjoy life and love intensively. Love is the glue that keeps us together and self love is the best one. There is nothing selfish about loving yourself. It is how it should be.

Listening to Demis Roussos makes me always feel good and the last one I listened to was “My broken souvenirs”.

Crying over lost memories is not me.

Crying over a lost friend is me.

Memories are made now – is me

Dreams make memories beautiful and whole

If you don´t dream you die.

Hulda Björnsdóttir



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