What are dreams?

16. May 2020

What are dreams?

Are they something that happens during the night or are they thoughts and ideas during the day?

We do talk about visualisation, is that the same as dreams?

I dream about different life now while we are in this terrible situation, the virus situation!

I dream about freedom and being able to hug my friends and kiss them. I dream about not going out with the mask and I dream about not being afraid of tomorrow.

These are daydreams, are they not?

During the night when I sleep I do dream sometimes, not always, and most of the time I have completely forgotten what it was about when I wake up in the morning.

I dream about love and happiness for everyone and I dream about the sea which I am afraid of but love anyway.

I find dreams rather strange and sometimes confusing.

Are they, the ones during the night, my subconsciousness working?

I truly don´t know anything about dreams, I just know I have lot of them.

I believe when I stop dreaming I will die. Dreams keep me alive. Some dreams are madness and others are just pure joy. Some dreams are real and others are fake. Some dreams make me happy and others make me sad.

I dream about food for everyone.

I dream about governments making sure their people are well and have food on their plates every day and they have shelter and clothes.

I dream about being happy and content even though there are challenges.

Are my dreams based on reality or just wishful thinking?

I have to believe that one day they will come true but sometimes I change my dreams and that is confusing for the universe.

Dreams are good and healthy, that is my believe.

Hulda Björnsdóttir



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