A tribute to my friend Sveinn !

15th of May 2020

Today is a special day. My friend Sveinn Ásgeir Árnason would have been celebrating his day today.

Now he is in heaven enjoying the day with his wonderful wife.

I miss him a lot. He was a true friend and always there when I needed a close friend I could trust for me and how I felt. He supported me and couraged to keep going. He believed in me and never faltered.

Friends like him and his family are rare but they are precious and I will always be grateful for our ways passing many decades ago.

We could laugh together and we did not always take life too seriously. He was a great father and husband and how proud he and Sigrún would be today of their daughters and grandchildren. When he spoke about them there was always a shining light in his eyes.

My friend, I wish you a happy birthday and send hugs and kisses to you and your dearest wonderful wife.

Enjoy the day and one day we will all meet again and have a good laugh together.

This is my tribute today to my friend.

To my other friends I send hugs and kisses with love and light.

Beijinhos amigos e abraços grandes com amore e luz

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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