Today love is more important than ever before !

19th of April 2020

Today I am thinking about how we manage through this horrible time

I am thinking about my friends and their friends and everyone.

Here in my little land the deaths are 714 and more than 20.000 infected.

Trying to stay sane during time like this is a demanding task but I am doing everything I can.

Every morning I get up just like any other normal morning and behave like I was going to work or something.

Every morning I do put on makeup and dress nicely, depending on the weather if in winter clothes or summer dresses.

Yesterday was a wonderful sunny day and no rain. It has been raining a lot the last few days so this was a welcome change. I left my little village to take a long walk. Most of the time I do walk around the village but once in a while I like to go outside, just to change the environment.

I went to the stadium in Esphinal and left my car there and the walk began.

Everything was green; the sun was shining and the birds singing. The sky was almost clear but those who danced up there were full of life and joy.

Some dogs came running and barked at me.

Some people sat outside in the sun, outside their houses. We said Boa Tarde and smiled. I had my mask on and sunglasses and I apologised for disturbing them. Don´t worry they said and smiled.

The water running with grace made the symphony of the day perfect. I love to listen to the lakes, the small ones, I can find them everywhere. They are soothing and joyful at the same time, just like a perfect lover.

I miss my friends, I miss their hugs and kisses, I miss their joy and laughter.

I miss my love, I miss talking to him and embracing him.

Distance is nothing compared to the situation we are experiencing now. When will this end? Will it ever be the same? Will I ever be able to hug my loved ones and my friends?

I believe.

I have to believe.

I try to make every day normal in an abnormal situation and I am succeeding most of the time.

If I fall I get up again.

If I get sad I meditated and reclaim my happiness.

The news in my little land are not good this moment. We have more deaths and more infected. The government is doing what they can but we have to contribute and make our individual effort.

I dearly hope the country won’t be open for foreigners until this is all over.

Today we need to keep our love for each other alive.

Today we also need to spread the light throughout the world. The world needs our light and those who know how to should unite and think about the light wherever they go and leave it in every step of the road.

Every corner, every person, every animal, every tree, everything needs our love and light.

Let’s unite today.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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