Portuguese SAGAS – day 17 – shoes

32679858_1048236228661537_8817830697801613312_o.jpg17th of May 2018

This is day 17 of my holiday

Even though I am home in my bed and recovering from a horrible mattress that almost killed me!

Today is a beautiful day and hot and wonderful.

27 degrees so far but up to 29 later in the afternoon and the clouds are full of pictures, the ones that are sailing slowly and enjoying the warmth, just like we the humans.


What is it about shoes?

I saw something about the wedding in UK and there they were showing shoes.

My oh my

Beautiful white shoes, which of course I wear only in my wildest dreams!


I have got a friend that loves shoes just as much as I do.

She can wear them but now she is renovating a house, with her husband and when she gets this look, the shoe look, he says;

My dear wife, we are making a new roof!

No shoes now, please!

She is a wonderful wife and just dreams about the beautiful ones!

Since I broke my shoulder and my doctor told me that my bones are like glass I am only wearing ugly comfy shoes.

It is a pity but this is life.

I am not ruining my story about the beautiful Megan shoes by saying anymore.

Dreaming on is my destiny!

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda9

I am Icelandic but live in Portugal. When I was young I had a dream. I wanted to travel around the world. I wanted to experience different cultures. My dream came true and I went to London. When going through the Chinese display in the British Museum I began to cry. I cried and experienced this longing and sadness. At that moment I knew I had to go to China. Arriving there for the first time I felt finally at home, a feeling I never had in Iceland. In Iceland I was an outsider. My mother passed away and I decided to move. My destination was China. I lived there for a while but had to sell my house and move because permanent residence was not granted to me. I moved to Portugal and that was 6 and a half years ago. In China I taught English and dance. In Portugal I am a retired resident. Now I am 72 years old. I love to write and want to share with you some of my experience in those 2 countries and also just my simple thoughts. Portugal is my final destination on this earth. Even though I have many years behind me, my mind is clear. I enjoy the life and make the most of every day. I love to sing, to study and most of all I love to be alive. I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts that I share with you.

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