Portuguese SAGAS – Day 8 and 9 – Where did all the men come from?

10th of May 2018

Good morning.

A beautiful day even though it is cold in the morning. The sun is already shining and makes the difference.

Yesterday I went to Penela just to water the flowers and take care of some practical things. My singing teacher was sick so there was no class but that is ok. There will be another day.

It was a good idea to take this holiday.

Now I have a better idea how it is to live here in the north and I do like it.

I look forward to go home in June and sleep in my own bed. Sleeping in a bed that is not mine with a mattress that is killing my back is something I would not like to do for more than a month. Tossing and turning during the night trying to find some spot that is different is confusing.

Waking up in the morning looking out of the window seeing the wonderful birds sitting on the balustrade showing off their beauty is worth the tossing and turning.

There is one bird with blue wings who was running around this morning and another joined, a little one with black wings, and they waltzed like they were saying good morning to the strange lady looking out of the window.

Usually there is peace and quiet where I stay now. Of course there are guests and some of them make more noise than others but that is normal. I had a family with 3 children in next house for few days. They took over the entrance hall and now the solution has been found. My table has moved. It is close to my balcony door and no one is going to move that one!

Well, even though the peace and quiet something happened last Tuesday evening. I was watching the beautiful sunshine, which is unbelievable, and suddenly some men arrived. A smoke rose from the grill area and more men came.

What was going on?

One of the guests had most likely decided to make a grill party with his friends.

More men came.

I counted 15, then I stopped counting but they came like flowing water. Some by cars, others by scooters, some in blue and others in read.

What was happening?

I looked the doors and the windows.

When someone walked by my bedroom window and around the house I was not at ease.

For an evening the peace and quiet had left but has arrived again.

And, this episode convinced me that I would not want to live in a house somewhere in the woods faraway from everyone. I want to live close to the people and feel safe.

This was the night when Eurovision was on.

I did watch it; felt it was my responsibility because it is held here in my land.

I have not watched this competition for many many many years and had totally forgotten how boring it is! Since the competition is in my country I have to watch again on Saturday, the final day. I just hope Portugal will not win again. I could not bear to have to watch this next year.

There was an Icelandic song but I turned on the TV late and did not see it, although I have tried to listen to the song before. The singer is young, smiling, happy with everything. He has a great voice but did not get into next part which is on Saturday. I did not like the song but that is ok. I don´t live in the country anymore and something like this is not of any interest for me.

It though struck me how horrible it would be if the song would for example win. That would be a disaster. Just imagine all the money spent on a competition like this?

Today is the 10th day of my holiday.

I have not decided how to spend it. Most likely I will just be working on my computer and singing a bit. Even though there are no classes the voice needs nourishing and recovering after the many weeks of the flue is complicated but I am getting there. The low notes are still rusty but I am optimistic.

I did change my bedclothes this morning and that has been my morning exercise so far!

More to come either later today or tomorrow.

The excitement is not to have a plan, just go with the flow.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are and remember to respect your age. Your age is just a number. I have suddenly realised that I have to calculate how many years I have got in my bag. In 12 days I will have another number but that is all which changes.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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