Portuguese SAGAS – A trip to Casas da Fraga


26.november 2017

Last week I travelled to Tondela and on my way there I visited a place I have been looking forward to see for a long time.


So what is this place?

Well, it is a resort outside the main stream. It is a quiet beautiful place where you drive through Beijós, a small wonderful village where you have everything at your fingertips.


In the little village there is a restaurant, if you want to eat out, or even if you want to have a takeaway.

In Casas da Fraga you have everything you need. The houses are wonderful. Every house has a name. They are bright and insulated. Insulation is not common here in Portugal but these houses are special. They are cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

The ceilings reminded me of my bedroom in China. The wood beams smiling at you when you wake up in the morning. What more can you wish for?

The bathrooms are big and wonderful.

Everything is clean and notably well taken care of.

There is a washing room, shared for all the houses, if you want to wash your clothes during the stay.

The swimming pool is not too big but wonderful and fits into the environment.

There is a barbecue and you can pick organic fruits and vegetables from the garden to use for the cooking.

Peace and quiet is what I noticed and the collection of old things outside is quite remarkable.

If you want to travel around the nature you can do that by bike if you prefer. Long walks or short ones listening to the sound of the river are at your fingertips.

When I was in the area, last week, the houses were empty. This is the time of the year people don´t travel too much. I know the houses are occupied most of the time and even though there are people in every house there is privacy. I am definitely going to spend some time in Casas da Fraga soon.

I could imagine myself enjoying the peace and quiet, listening to the birds, watching the river, visiting the village and talking to the people there.

Resorts like this are heaven on earth. We just have to find them and that’s why I am telling you about my discovery.

I know the people take good care of everyone that stays in Casas Da Fraga. You get breakfast, which is included in the price and then you are on your own, more or less. You cook and you eat out. You travel to Viseu, which is beautiful and you absorb the history there.

I have never seen the machine that grinded the olives, but there is one for display outside Casas Da Fraga. There are olive trees and you can buy olive oil in the little shop that belongs to the resort. There are also honey and jams for sale there. I can promise you the price is not high. It is just the same as if you go to the market or even to the shops.

I saw some interesting things that reminded me of old times in Iceland. For example the milk container we used when I was a child. We went with container like that and bought milk from the milk shop. A wonderful childhood memory it was just looking at the container in my new land.

I look forward to my stay in Casas Da Fraga next spring or during the summer. It will be interesting sitting there writing about my life in China and preparing that book while enjoying the luxury of nature in my new land.

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