Portuguese SAGAS – How can I help?

22549659_1080519445384988_633701982221338649_n24th of October 2017

This summer and many other summers the last 7 years there have been huge fires in my land.

Although this summer has been the worst, some of the others have also been really horrible. What had been added this year is the draught. The horrible lack of rain.

We are morning in my land. We are afraid in my land. We are on the verge of despair.

The devastation is immense.



Looking out of my window and seeing the beauty in the morning and in the afternoon the horror has taken over. People have lost their homes. People have lost their lives. People have lost everything. Companies have burned down to ashes. Animals have been sacrificed by the fires. I cry when I watch the news. Is it never going to end? I ask.

What can I do to help?

Where is the help?

What will the government do?

These questions have been struggling in my mind for some months. During this summer and particularly the latter part of it I have realised how deep my roots are in my little land. The land has taken me under its wings. Here I have friends, true friends, that are supporting me through thick and thin. Here I will bear my bones and here is my final destination on this earth.

I am not going anywhere soon, but eventually I will cross over and become a famous opera singer in my next life.

Now is the time to ask myself what I can do for my little land. For the land that not many decades ago was under dictatorship and is trying to become a modern democracy.

There are some things that need improvement but there are also other things that are perfect. The people and the friendships I have enjoyed are like diamonds and I appreciate each and everyone that has helped me, supported me, taken care of me when I needed and been there for me, always. Those are the people of my little land. Those are my friends. Now they need my help. What can I do?

I know what I can do. It came to me while I was driving through the beauty from Penela to Condeixa and the horror appeared. The wood has disappeared and there is just empty hollow black reality.

We need trees. We need to plant trees. We need to rebuild the woods that have burned this summer like no other summer.

It is easy to say; We need!

It is important to say; I can help and I can do something!

I am going to help.

I know what to do but not how to do it. I need help to be able to help.

I called my friend when I came home from the gym today. I asked her if she would help me. She said YES. She always does when I ask her.

I am going to plant a tree for every year of my living. I am 72 years old. That means 72 trees at least and one more every year until I leave this earth. I am going to plant the trees in my little land and help to rebuild the destruction.

I am not crying anymore. Now it is time to take action. There are rules and regulations that have to be respected. I don´t know anything about trees. I don´t know how to buy them or how or when to plant them. I don´t know what kind of trees would be proper, how big they should be and what species. Should there be oaks or pines or olive trees or some others. I don´t know. That is where I need help. I also need help to apply to the rules and regulations. This is where my friend and her family are going to step in. They are going to help me to do the right thing. I know where I want to plant. I want to plant in Molelos, which is a freguecia in Tondela. Tondela is in the north. My friends live there. My Portuguese family lives there and I want to plant my trees close to them.

I am excited today. This will be great. There will be an adventure every year for the rest of my live where I and my friends will plant trees in the name of love, love for our country and our environment.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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