Portuguese Sagas – The fires are back in Portugal

7th October 2017

Who would have thought that in October we would see pictures like those?

It is devastating. The sun has disappeared. There is just horror.

When looking out of my windows this morning and yesterday I was horror stricken. How can this be happening now?  It has been the worst summer in decades. The arsenics continue right into the autumn. They taka advantage of the wonderful weather and the warm temperature.

I am sad. Not just sad. Now I am angry. I have been trying to be understanding and tolerating but now I can´t anymore. This is it. Opening the TV and seeing what has been happening through the night and during the day is heart braking.

We have lost tens of people in the fires during the summer. Innocent children, whole families, grandparents, fire men, tourists and just ordinary people who happened to be in the land.

We have lost huge areas of land. We have lost the livelihood of so many. We have lost houses. Some have lost everything. Just imagine, loosing everything because a mad man or a woman think it is funny to see the fires on TV and some of them become famous as the rescuers and fire fighters until the truth emerges.

There are the drug addicts and the mad people. This is their happy moments. The moments of despair for others.

There are the poor people, who see no way out of the poverty and their desperation takes them over the brink and they light a fire.

There are those who buy the wood and think they can save some money by a burnt wood.

There is the punishment for lighting the fire. Too lenient and up until this year those who allow the madness to control them led to the judge are set free after a very short time. They are sick and they should not be in prison, the judges say. Seriously! The punishment is madness.

The foreigners shout and tell us the Eucalyptus is to blame.

I have been living in my land for almost 7 years. This is the worst summer. This is the driest summer. And this is the summer I don´t want to experience again.

The next 7 days there will be wonderful warm weather. It is like an extension of the summer. There is no rain in the cards. Just wonderfully warm and could be beauty and nothing else. No, I don´t dare to hope. Now I have lost my hope for a while. Now I just want the freezing cold winter days to  come and embrace my beautiful country. Now I want the angels to pour the rain down on us like there is no end to it. Now we need prayers and love and light for my land. Now we need clear blue sky. Now we need the madness to stop.

There must be hope. There has to be hope somewhere. There must be a solution, we just have to find it.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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