The Outcast – The doctor has arrived –

Chapter 1.  The doctor


A young boy lies in his bed. He is seriously ill. He lives at the countryside in a tiny country close to the North Pole. The country of fire and ice.

Outside the storm rages, with heavy snow. The children can not get back from the schools on their own. They have to be picked up. The wind is such that grown ups are struggling. The children need to be carried on shoulders that have seen much worse. This is just a typical winter day.

The doctor lives in the village. He needs to get to the boy. The snow is knee deep. The farm is far away. The boys live is at stake.

What is there to do?

The doctor does not hesitate. There is someone in need and he can help. He puts on his  skis. He is going skiing. There is no other way.

After the long journey the saviour arrives. He is cold, vet and his clothes have drops of frost like a decoration. The beard is white with snow and the face frostbitten. He takes of the coat and steps into the room where the little boy is half conscious. The mother is sitting beside the bed, holding the boys hand. This is not a wealthy home. They are poor. They will not be able to pay for the visit.

“Mother, now I will get well, the doctor is here”, sais the little one. He knows the doctor can do miracles.

He is right. He does get well and the parents are grateful. The country is lucky to have doctors like this one. A doctor that does not hesitate to put his life at risk to safe others. The people don´t have to fret about not being able to pay. They know the healing hands are there for them, no matter what social class they belong to. Everyone is equal in this doctors eyes.

This doctor is successful, he has healing hands. He is not just an amazing doctor. He is also an amazing person.  He is not tall. He is shortish.  He smells of cigars and medicine. His eyes are mild and his smile happy. Some say that when he smiles the world lights up. People either love him or they don´t. There is nothing in between. Great men are often like that, and this man is great, there is no doubt about it, but he is also human, and he is not perfect.

One day he is on his way back from  sick call riding on his bicycle.  This is a beautiful summer day and the boys playing football, enjoying the simple life, where there are no worries, just the joy of being.

The football lands in front of the doctors bike. Ups. Not good. The boys are quiet and look at the man.

He steps of his bike, kicks the ball back to the boys and joins them in the game. He gives them some good tips about how to be successful in playing football.

After playing a bit they need to go home. They walk with the man. He tells them about life and how to be a good person. He emphasise the importance of being kind to each other and show respect. He tells them about healthy life and how important it is to take care of the body and the soul.

His voice is mild and his eyes look at them with bit of humour. The humour is never far away, even though the conversation is grave.

He bids them farewell. They go home to have dinner and he has one more call to make. The day is long for a country side doctor, but he has enjoyed the company.

The boys will remember this moment for as long as they live.  The little boy had faith, he knew he would be well because the doctor came through the screaming winter weather. The young boys have  good provisions. The philosophy they learned one beautiful summer day, when the football landed in front of the doctors bike.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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