The hardworking Chinese people (More about my life in China)

11. September 2017

Have you ever thought about why the roads in China are clean?

Have you ever thought about the taxi drivers in China or the people who make your shoes shine?

When talking to people in Europe about the Chinese I find their ideas often strange and even ignorant. The other day I sat with a couple, an educated one, he is a doctor and she is teacher. They were asking about my life and I told them how much I love my China and how I miss it every day. They found it very strange and looked at me with disbelieve in their eyes.

Most of my time in China I lived in my own house and was protected every day and night by a closed gate and guards watching it, but I was lucky and worked outside the sheltered island.  Because I had a car and drove myself I could go wherever I wanted to and I experienced more than many foreigners do.

On the picture below you can many things. The traffic is heavy. This is in Fuzhou and the traffic is always heavy there. Most of the cars, this time, are in a row, but that was not always the case. The truth is that if you are Chinese and see a tiny empty spot between cars you make sure it is filled up with your car! Of course, why should there be empty spaces when they could be used? Everyone must understand this !

The green cars you see are taxies. I learned quickly that you give them space. You yield. They are in a hurry. Their salary is very low and they are hard working. Every Chinese person knows this and we respect them.

If you are trying to find a taxi at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, forget it.

You will see lot of them. They are in a hurry. None available though. Why? Because this is when they change shift. Those who have been working the whole day are going home to their families and the nightshift is taking over. It does not take long, about an hour or even less.

At the front in the photo you see a man with his trailer. Can you imagine how heavy this is and how strong the man has to be? I admire them. They are amazing and it is even more amazing to see them carrying heavy loads on their bicycles.

Yes the Chinese are hard working. We don´t see any cleaners in this photo but under the tree there is a group of men playing cards. I was sometimes invited to sit down with them but never did. To tell you the truth. I don´t know anything about cards and was afraid they would let me pay and I might even loose all my money while trying to learn the complicated game.

Another part of this photo that I want to mention is the trees. There are trees everywhere in Fuzhou. They shield from the terrible hot sun and make it possible to walk the streets without an air-condition hanging at your side. Can you imagine me walking with a heavy air-condition by my side, he he he.


Another hard working group is those who polish your shoes.

They are everywhere. You sit down and they make your shoes shine like never before. They don´t talk much but they are friendly. When you smile to them they often have no teeth or maybe one or two, but their eyes are shining.

I remember when I walked the last day of the year and ahead of me was a father with his son, maybe 5 years old. The father was explaining to his son why the year ended and a new one began. He also told his son that when the new year came everything needed to be clean, even their shoes and that was why they would have their shoes polished. This was a moment I will never forget. The love for the son and the admiration in the child’s look was something I can´t forget.



There are bikes and scooters everywhere in China. Not that long ago there were almost no cars, but now they are many. I often thought that they were adjusting and moving from the cycling trend but not quite sure how to do it. It is so much easier to control your bike in the traffic.

I had a private student who came to my home. He was from a very, VERY rich family and they wanted him to learn English. He was 6 years old and was supposed to have everything he wanted. There would never be any lack or an unmet wish in his live. His grandfather sometimes brought him in a beautiful black car. The first time they came the secretary was with them and he was obviously teaching the grandfather to drive. Hm. I was not sure when he picked up his grandson if they would be safe. There was something lacking when the old man left his car, automatic car, in drive and came to my door to pick up his child. My heart sank and skipped a beat, at least one if not two beats. If I have ever asked God to help anyone, it was at that moment.

Everything went well and they arrived home safely. Of course I called to make sure. After this I had my doubts verified about some drivers licenses in my beloved country.

Another day more stories about why I love China.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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