I sacked the workers (More about my past life in China and the adventures there)

6th of September 2017

Recently I have been writing about my life in China. It is not in a special order, just as it pops up in my mind. One day I might put this all in order and even make a book but that is for another day.

When I arrived in China in January, long time ago, my house should be ready. I booked a hotel for one week and then I intended to move. I lived in the hotel for more than a month, and not just one, but 2. I had to change because of some government conference.

In February the 10th I moved into the house. It was not finished but I did not want to drive every day back and forth, while trying to keep track of what was happening.

After moving in I realised there was a lot of unfinished work. I could come to terms with that but then there was another thing.

Every time someone came to fix something they broke something.

After a while, not a long one, I realised my house would never be finished and eventually all my money would be spent on repairing the repair damage.

What to do?

Since I am an independent woman, that does not let anyone walk over me on their dirty shoes I did something.

I sacked the workers. I called my interpreter and asked her to get the contractor to the house. The boss came with his second in command. They came and I took them to the top floor. Showed them all the damage and told the boss I did not want him and his worker anymore in my house. Not now and not later. Never again.

He was not happy.

The Chinese can talk endlessly, just like the Portuguese, and he went on and on and on.

I got mad. Lost my patience and embarrassed my interpreter. What a mess. But the workers left.

Here you can see them  moving the rubbish from my garage. The security guards made sure they did not take anything that belonged to the lady of the house.

My wonderful ZozinZu stood there and made sure they did clean everything.

xiamenmai09 720

They were not happy. I was happy to get rid of the idiots.

Now my interior designer had to find new people. New workers for me. Workers that could fix the damage all around my wonderful new house. Workers that did not break anything while fixing. And that’s what he did.

We got wonderful people. They worked hard. I lost some money during this but eventually my wonderful house was not broken. It was beautiful. It took longer than I excepted but it was worth it.

Now my car could go into the garage and did not have to stay outside during the night.


Of course this is not my garage. This is where I left my car when I was in Fuzhou. I did not dare to drive into the central madness and my wonderful friend Mister Chen allowed me to use the garage in his building.

There is a lot to tell about my adventures. I will do this peace by peace and perhaps change and rewrite. I just want to get this going and you can enjoy the memories with me  if you like.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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One thought on “I sacked the workers (More about my past life in China and the adventures there)”

  1. If you find my writing confusing you just keep in mind that I am a Gemini and we jump from one place to another without realising it. One day my life in China will be a book, but now I am going through pictures and diaries and just enjoying the amazing adventure it was to move to a foreign country.


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