The beauty all around me

20th of August 2017

I love to read in the summer. It is hot and today we have more than 40 degrees with little humidity and reading is the best option. I can´t go out for a walk in a heat like this.

I am lucky. In October last year I closed my 10 meters balcony with glass. Before my apartment was freezing cold during the winter and I needed to do something. The condominium, just like most houses here in Portugal, has no insolation and the cold creeps easily through the open bricks.

I decided to have this glass wall around my balcony a year ago. I saved money to be able to pay for the work and in October my wonderful people came. It took about week and a half. They came one day and put up the frame, measured everything and had the glass made. The second trip was to put up the glass and what a difference. Last winter I saved on heating and I felt warm most of the days. The first time in six years. What a joy.

My view is to dye for.

Imagine. Sitting outside with a good summer reading, of course the books are different in the summer heat, you can not read heavy material in 40 or more degrees. Imagine sitting there and looking up from your book and this is in front of you. Can you travel with me and enjoy the beauty?

Every time I go to my balcony I thank my instinct to buy this apartment. I could have bought a house in the village, an ugly one for the same price. That would have been private with no annoying noisy neighbours upstairs but not with this heaven in front of me.

The house to the right could have been mine, no view in front just another ugly house.

I was in Ansiao last Friday and saw the picture to the left. I took the photo through the window from the restaurant where I had some water. It was a hot sunny day, people trying to protect themselves from the sun. What caught my eye was the fan, the white one between the balconies. Rather interesting.

So while reading and enjoying my wonderful view I am slowly melting. It is so hot, even though the sun has moved to the front. During these days I feel dirty all the time. My hands are sticky, even though I don´t do anything. My laundry is like from a family of 12. Luckily I have got tons of towels which I brought with me from China and can use many during the day.  I have also got a  washing machine for 9 kilos and she takes care of the washing.

My shoes are sitting and waiting for the next walk, competing. One pair looks like laughing at the sandals. The sandals want to get out but the Nikies, the pink ones, know that they will win the competition. Tomorrow we will go out and leave the sandals at home. We go out in the morning, to the gym, and come back before it gets too hot. Although the sandals might get their opportunity in the afternoon. I need to talk to the house company that takes care of the condominium. There is a paper on the wall downstairs that sais in a stern voice:  Every flower pot needs to be removed. The Portuguese law. I need to know if mine do qualify for staying! I love life.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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