What was happening to my new house in China?

10th of August 2017

I had already gone to China twice.  I had found a place where I wanted to spend the rest of my life.  I had bought the house and it was under construction. Now I needed to find an interior designer and a company to take care of the next step.

I asked the house company if they knew any? They did. We could not reach those in charge so I just forgot the whole thing and went looking on my own, not quite on my own, I did have help! So, there I was with a wonderful designer who understood what I wanted. He made a rough design in 24 hours, after going with me to Min Hou and measured everything. I had to take care of this before I left and we had only 2 weeks.  Everything was fine and I liked my designer. Mr Chen was my man. He would take care of everything and my house would be ready in January, when I left Iceland for good.


We, me and Mr, Chen, went sight seeing. Sight seeing furniture companies, and I found my future. Beautiful and everything matched. The whole house was in harmony. The bedrooms, the living room, the dining room. All the furniture from the same company and just like a dream. I loved my sofas, they were big and comfy. Perfect. After choosing furniture for the living room the bedroom was next. The Chinese are small. I am tall. My friends are tall. The beds were made for Chinese size. I lay down in one. No, it was definitely too short. I explained to my friend and the ladies in the shop that I might have guests that were 1,90, really tall. They looked at me, looked at each other, and again at me.

xiamenmai09 442.jpg

Was I serious? 1,90 is huge! Yes, I told them and we could not let my guests sleep on a bed with their legs hanging outside, or  like a baby in a mothers womb. No, that was not good. We decided to make the beds extra long. I would be able to stretch my toes and my guests would not have to sleep with half of the body outside. That took care of the furniture.

Now we had to find a bathtub for the lady. Right, the lady is tall, really tall, compared to the Chinese and this finding a bathtub, big enough, was a problem. Luckily we were in a huge building and there had to be at least one shop selling extra long bathtubs. There had to be! I took of my shoes and went into the tubes. Many tubes.  No, nothing big enough, until…….we came across one with massage and everything.

I saw immediately this would be my future. Laying in a huge tube enjoying massage from all sides.

I want this one, I told my designer.

This one? He looked at the price. This one is very expensive, he told me. I know, but its the only one long enough for me, I replied.

My dear Mr Chen did the bargaining and I drank tea. Before I left China this time we had ordered all the equipment needed for a new house. Everything from furniture to the tiniest screws,  or so to speak.

Everything would be ready and I would move in before the Chinese new year. Now I just needed to take care of what was left to take care of in Iceland and my new life was around the corner.

I went back and booked the flight and a hotel. A hotel for one week. My house would be ready but I needed a week before moving in ! Little did I know what lay ahead!

Hulda Björnsdóttir





þar sem Chen er að skoða og ég stend fyrir utan með manninum


A lot to look at



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