The quick solutions !

6th of August 2017

We read about all kinds of quick solutions for everything these days.

There is a quick solution for cancer, for overweight, for high blood pressure and it goes on and on and on.

If all those solutions worked we would all be healthy, wouldn’t we?

What makes me furious about all those quick solutions is that they nver talk about side affects.

You can take turmeric or ginger or nuts and other wonderful things, even lemons or oranges but they can have serious side affects.

I’m not going to talk about my health problems but if I eat turmeric I could die. Simple as that.

kinaogfl 070.jpg

To keep healthy you can do a lot, but it takes time. You can exercise and you can make sure the food you eat is healthy.

You can sit down and meditated. Meditation is relaxing and many of our problems nowadays are stress related. I asked my doctor why I have the problems I have? He said it might be hidden stress. I have thought about this and maybe he is right. There are things I never talk about but they are part of my life. My new family doctor asked me if I wanted to talk about my life in Iceland and I said NO. He looked at me and I asked: Do you think I should? He told me it would be good for him to know where I came from so he could figure out the course of what was happening. Well, even though I did not want to, I told him bits and pieces.

When we don´t want to talk about something, but need to get it out, we can write. I have managed to write in my diary, which is just for me, much of the top of iceberg. As in many icebergs there is a huge  clump under the surface. A clump we don´t see but is there. When we are ready a bit of the clump surfaces and it might be time to sit down and write or just meditate.

Writing either by hand or on the computer is a good way. My advise is to write everything that comes to your mind and not read it. Just leave it and move on. Don´t make any corrections. Everything that pops up is what you need and should not be changed. If you write like this for about 30 minutes every day, a miracle happens. You will feel the burdens lifted, slowly but steadily.

Life is not perfect. It won’t ever be perfect. We can move it closer to perfection by enjoying what we have got and  make the most of the moment. We will never be able to please everyone. There will always be people who don´t like you or would like you to be different. Ignore them. Their guilt might be hunting them. Don´t let other peoples guilt, no matter how close they are, control your life.  Remember that you are always doing your best.


I am  a woman of my own. I make my life worth living. I don´t depend on anybody but I love my friends. My friends have stood by me through thick and thin and never let me down.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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