Thank you for this day!

20. January 2022 EVENING

Appreciation in the evening is important.

Being grateful for the day whatever it looked like is important.

My day was great.

I learned the lesson I was supposed to learn and made the most of it.

Will I have to get up again and learn the same lesson again I don´t know but I might.

The lessons in live are interesting and good for the soul.

I wrote a list just now about what I really want in my life.

The truth is that when I don´t have a clear picture of what I want my life look like it is difficult to full fill the dreams.

Sitting down and writing what I want helps.

I did write a list like this 2 days ago but this one is completely different and makes more sense than the other one.

Changing my mind is not the case. Just getting a clear picture in details and putting it down on paper helps me to achieve my goals.

Even though there are Covid times and they make everything different the dreams don´t change much.

I find the situation difficult to cope with and it gets worse every week and takes more energy to get up in the morning.

2 years is a long time in an abnormal situation in the world.

All the fake news and the stupid things people say about the situation and unfortunately many simple-minded individuals and even quite intelligent people believe the rubbish.

I am not going to dignify the stupid remarks by repeating them but there is though one that I find rather funny.

Someone told, and people believed, that if men got the Covid vaccination their penis could get smaller and even fall out!!!

He he he, just imagine, some men do struggle with their size and now they are afraid to get the vaccine!

I don´t understand why people can’t put into perspective how the world has been ticking for decades. I remember TB and how that was killing people decades ago. The scientists found a vaccine and the world got almost rid of the decease.

There are many more who have been kept at bay because of vaccination both in children and grownups. There is nothing different with the situation now, except the fake news.

The social media can be great but it can also be a devil in disguise.

I am grateful for those who have got the vaccine and are contributing to a safer world. Normal will be back, it just takes time and patience.

Soon I will be in bed sleeping and dreaming about the future.

I am grateful for this day.

I am grateful for everything I have learned from during my many years of life.

I don´t take anything for granted but I say thank you to the universe often, even during the day.

Sleep tight

Hulda Bjornsdóttir

If you have to leave, just leave!

20. January 2022

Life is about evolving

Don´t stay in a situation that’s not helping you grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

This was in a quote today and it is perfect for me to contemplate about today.

I am in a situation I don´t like.

I don´t feel valued as I should.

I am angry and disappointed.

I feel being used.

Words and actions are different.

Words are easy to use but actions take courage.

How do I value myself? This is a question I am asking myself again and again.

I am a helper.

I am a saviour,

I am allowing people to use me until suddenly I have got enough and I blow up.

This is not a good situation to be in and it is not to grow!

The question is if I can leave?

Are my promises to myself worth something?

Why do I get into this helping situation again and again throughout my life?

Why can’t I just be normal and let go?

I need to make an important decision before the end of the month and there are just 11 days left.

My future depends on my decision.

My happiness could depend on my decision.

This morning I woke up deciding it would be a good day and I would appreciate myself and show myself I care about me.

So far, I have been doing well, but it is not easy.

The universe is unfolding in front of me and I am happy about the day so far.

I have no idea how tomorrow or even the next week will turn out but what I know is that I will be ok.

Everything happens for a reason.

My lesson has been to value myself and I am getting there slowly but steadily.

I am not very good at telling people to stop using me, but I am slowly learning.

I am convinced that everything will be as it should be, but at the moment I don´t know how the outcome will be or what next few months will look like.

The only thing I know is that respect and trust are the major thing I want into my life.

If I feel the trust is not there I leave and if I feel the respect is lacking, I leave.

I have made a promise. I keep my promises.

I know what I want and I know what I need to be able to fulfil my promise to myself.

Am I going to stick to it?

I can’t say either way this moment but soon, very soon I will know.

I’m sure many of you have been in a similar limbo and you will understand that everything happens for a reason, or doesn’t it?

I’m going to have a wonderful rest of the day and tonight I will appreciate myself and the day.

My little land is beautiful today and very cold but the sun is shining. The sun is shining in my mind as well, even though you might think there is a darkness there.

I am ME, and I love the ME more today than I did yesterday.

I am proud to be who I am and I am not going to let anything or anyone change that.

Life is just wonderful when I am honest with myself and I am grateful for my friends who are there to support me whenever I ask for help.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Morning is a man, evening is a woman!

18th of January 2022

Have you thought about night and day as a woman and a man?

The morning and the evening are also a man and a woman!

I think this is it: The balance between Ying and yang.

You wake up in the morning and the man bids you good morning and tells you how beautiful the day is going to be with you beside him.

You go to bed in the evening and the woman thanks her husband for a wonderful day and tells him how much she appreciates him and all he is doing to make her happy.

Thinking about the day like this makes me happy.

Thinking about the loved one like this makes us both happy.

The key to a healthy relationship could be appreciation and gratitude.

Another important thought is to ASK instead of ASSUMING.

Assuming is the way to misunderstanding and asking is the best way to understand perfectly.

Men and women think differently and they express their thoughts and feelings in different ways, so questions like: I don´t quite understand what you mean, could you explain to me?

Have you read the book You don´t understand me, by Debora Tannen?

It’s a wonderful book about the difference between men and women.

Men talk with reason and women with feelings!

I have always envied men that can say in one sentence when I have to use at least five sentences to say the same thing!

Debora Tannen explains the difference well and the book is from 1990 but classic and worth reading again and again.

When I woke up this morning, I got this idea about night and day and morning and evening.

To me this makes sense.

Just think about it and maybe you could talk to your spouse about the idea and you could explore.

Whoever reads this, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Hulda Bjornsdottir


16. JANUARY 2022

My thought this Sunday morning:

Hope [uncountable and countable]     a feeling of wanting something to happen or be true and believing that it is possible or likely

To believe strongly that something is good and effective:

to think that something is true or possible, although you are not completely sure

Believe (that)

Is there a difference between those 2 words: BLIEVE and HOPE?


When I say I HOPE SOMETHING…….. I am truly saying that I don´t quite believe it will happen but it might!

When I say I BELIEVE SOMETHING……… I am truly saying that I am more or less convinced that it will happen!

In my mind there is a huge difference.

Those who go to church every week or every day even they make us think they are true believers! or don´t they?

Those who never go to church are NO BELIEVERS, isn’t it so?

There are people who NEED to go to church to pray.

There are also people who don´t need to go to church to pray, but pray anyway, and are in fact true believers!

Trust in the higher power, whoever this power is, makes me a believer.

I pray to my higher power every day.

I pry to the people, I think are my protectors, and I believe truly that they are there for me.

I NEVER go to church.

I ONLY pray from wherever I am at the moment I feel the need to pray.

Does this make me LESS in the eyes of the higher power?

Does this make it LESS LIKELY that my prayers will be heard?

No, I don´t think so.

I truly don´t like the shouting and screaming priests in the fellowships where the priests are in front of the congregation telling the BELIEVERS HOW TO BEHAVE AND HOW TO GET CLOSER TO GOD.

But, there are many who think this is the right way and they go to church often and they listen carefully to the preachers and their lives don´t change much but they believe and wait for the GOD of the preacher, the mammon, to appear, because don´t think you are listening to those screaming ones and not having to pay!  They call it CONTRIBUTION.

Where does this contribution go?

Why are these preachers well off?

Where do they work?

Where do they get their money from?

I don´t have to answer those questions, you will realize from my writing, where I think they get their money from.

The worst crimes against humanity have been done in the name of DJISUS KRIST or GOD.

The crimes against those believers are still there! Not much has changed.

FOR THE GRACE OF GOOD, is the favourited slogan in those groups.

It makes me angry to have to look upon a loved one believing the preachers and it makes me loose hope for the future concerning this person.

I HOPE I am wrong but I don´t BELIEVE I am wrong.

I will continue to ask for help from the ones I believe are there for my protection and wellbeing when I am about to give up.

I will continue to be grateful for their protection and I will continue to tell them that every day, many times a day, whenever I feel the urge or need to tell them how grateful I am.


This is my thought for this morning and there is a valid reason for it. You can agree or disagree, its totally up to you and has nothing to do with me.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

The future is there one step at a time!

12. january 2022

What is coming to you is even better than you expected.

This is a sentence I like

You are in a situation and nothing is moving, your patience is running out and you are looking for solutions.

You have been struggling, you have been expecting, you have been crying, you have been shouting, you have been happy, you have been sad, you have been optimistic, you have been pessimistic, you have been angry and you have been just human for weeks and months.

Many of us have been in this situation during the last 2 years while the virus has been spreading.

I am tired of it all.

I want change

I want my life back

I want normal

I want to be able to hug my friends

I want to be able to go out without masks

I just want normal and it is making me frustrated not getting it!

I wake up in the morning and tell myself that this is going to be a perfect day. Happiness is after all just a mindset and I am making a huge effort to put my mind into the right mood.

Sometimes I manage and sometimes I don´t.

December is the worst month of the year for me and has been for most of my life. Now December is gone and there is a new year with new adventures and new life for me and my people.

The year 2022 is going to be different.

I cried a lot during December but I have been calm during January and it is already almost half way moving towards February which is short and wonderful.

Crying is good. It is the angels cleaning the soul and afterwards you feel lighter and happier.

Feeling is also good.

Feeling is a process. Sometimes it is pleasant and sometimes it is really hard.

I don´t know why this December was so terribly difficult for me and I am optimistic that there was a lot of cleaning going on in my soul. My heart feels at least lighter and I am more optimistic than before.

I have learned a lot during 2021.

I have learned to be honest and daring to say how I really feel, instead of just leaving.

Trust is important for me and having people around me that I can trust with my innermost feelings, both happiness and sorrow is truly a blessing.

Gratitude is a good feeling.

When I feel grateful, I am in a good mood. When gratitude is on my plate, I can take anything and just process what is going on.

Patience is a feeling I have to use a lot during the last months and suddenly my patience is running out. I want things to move. I am powerless over other people’s situation but I can act on my behalf.

How do you act on patience?  That’s a good question, I think. My way is to look at the options and see if there is any way for me to move things that are at standstill.

This Friday I will begin my singing lessons again; I will drive to Semide and see my teacher which I have not seen for almost 2 years. This is moving the standstill. At least one step. I have been practising hard this week and truly looking forward to the hard work ahead.

My teacher is not just my teacher, she is my dear friend as well. Friday will be pure joy and nothing can change that feeling.

Tomorrow I get my veggies, my organic ones, they arrive every week and are pure joy to use. They are grown with love and caring and they taste of happiness and joy.

My little land is cold these days and the sun is shining. The orchids are with bulbs and soon they will have all kinds of flowers. They are the best teacher for me in practising patience and experiencing something new. Every year I move them and forget what colour to expect or what kind of flowers they have. That is the excitement. I have been making black tea for them now and hoping they would hurry up but they just keep smiling with their leaves and tell me to be relaxed and patient. Everything happens at the right time, they say.

A new beginning in a new year is a food for the soul.

Patiently waiting for the future and enjoying the moment in happiness and joy is all I can do for now.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Thank you for the year 2021


Today is The 29th of December 2021

This year has been a strange year like a roller coaster in many ways.

Looking through my office window the mountain in Esphinal is glowing. The sun is shining and the cold weather is making the clouds even more beautiful.

December has been extra difficult for me this year for many reasons and I have sometimes thought that I would finally lose my mind!

I did not lose my mind and I am grateful for that.

Life is full of experience and unexpected happenings.

Love knocked on my door this year and that was perhaps the greatest thing that happened and compared to so many years before it has been an adventure from day one.

Love is a strange thing!

It can be peaceful and it can be wild plus everything in between.

My love has been full of surprises. It has made me look at myself through different eyes.

I have got to know me as a totally different person and that in its self is a great journey.

I have become stronger but also weaker.

Stronger knowing that I am being appreciated by someone completely different from all others I know.

Weaker knowing that my strength can sometimes step into my way and take over and become the controller of everything when it would be wiser and better just to stay calm and keep my mouth shut and think at least million times before I speak.

The future is ahead and I am looking forward to the adventures of next months and the coming years.

I am grateful for my health and for my strong body.

I am grateful for my mind and my strong will.

I am grateful for my persistence and never giving up.

I am grateful for the beautiful visit I got just before Christmas. 3 men came knocking at my door bringing the best gift ever.

I am grateful for the bag hanging at my door when I opened the front door the day before yesterday. A surprise that made me realize what a wonderful neighbour I have got.

I am grateful for the challenge I got from those who hate me. They have showed me my strength and where my right to speak up lies.

I am grateful for the new friends I have gained during this year, friends from different continents and different culture are precious.

I am grateful for friends returning to my life, friends who had been away for a while but came back.

Most of all my gratitude is to the one who loves me unconditionally every day, no matter how wild and sometimes difficult I am.

Everything happens for a reason.

Everything is up to me to make my life beautiful and exciting this new approaching year,

I wish you all, who read this, a perfect new year and I pray the Almighty will protect you every day and night.

Let’s make the year 2022 the best ever.

United we are strong and nothing can stop us from happiness and joy.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Eldri borgari! EF þú ert í vinnu borgarðu meira !


Í gær fékk ég comment sem vakti mig til umhugsunar.

„Ef eldri borgarar vinna þurfa þeir að borga meira fyrir læknaþjónustu og sjúkraþjálfun.“

„Er það raunveruleikinn á Íslandi í dag?“ spurði ég.

„Já var að fá uppgefið í dag“ svaraði konan.

Þessi athugasemd vakti mig til umhugsunar um hvernig kerfið étur endalaust upp það sem fer í einn vasa og krumla ríkisins fer í hinn vasann og tekur aftur það sem fólk heldur að séu bætt kjör eldri borgara.

Það er gumað endalaust yfir gæsku ríkisvaldsins í garð eldri borgara núna og menn berja sér á brjóst vegna 200 þúsund króna skerðingarfrelsis atvinnu tekna en svo kemur konan sem þarf að fara til læknis eða í sjúkraþjálfun og fær að vita að hún eigi að borga meira fyrir þjónustuna.


Þar sem bý ekki á Íslandi og fæ þar af leiðandi engar félagslegar uppbætur eða hlunnindi ofan á eftirlaun mín þá þekki ég takmarkað til hvernig vasa plokkararnir haga sér.

Mér þætti fróðlegt ef einhver sem þekkir til mundi segja mér frá því hvernig til dæmis fór með skatta og skerðingalausu jólauppbótina sem öryrkjar fengu. Hvað af því sem þessi hópur er að fá í félagslegri uppbót skerðist? Ég man ekki betur en einhver hafi verið að tala um til dæmis húsnæðisbætur í þessu sambandi, en er þó ekki alveg viss.

Eins og allir vita sem hafa fylgst með mér þá er ég EKKI kjósandi Sjallamafíunnar og hef aldrei verið.

Einn var svo elskulegur í gær að segja mér í commenti að ég skildi bara halda áfram að kjósa Sjallana.

Svona fólk á pínulítið bágt finnst mér en ég verð að láta mér það lynda að það setji comment við public færslur hjá mér.

Ég vona að einhverjir öryrkjar séu til í að senda mér til dæmis message ef þeir vilja ekki skrifa beint, og segja mér frá því hvort og hvernig þeir hafa misst eitthvað vegna jóla bónusins skatta og skerðinglausa.

BB hælir sér af afrekinu og það væri ágætt að segja honum hvernig raunveruleikinn lítur út.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

The fake ones on the internet !

29. Desember 2021

Once upon a time people shared letters and became friends, sometimes even husbands and wives.

Now adays it’s the internet, and people meet there and become friends and even husbands and wives.

During Covid times, when people are stuck in their homes and have not seen their friends for months and months and are lacking all the normal life, the fakes appear and some fall for them.

Last year a group of friends did research on the dating Facebook page. We wanted to see how it worked and how the fakes managed to get to people and have them believe they were for real.

A lot interesting came up. Fake profiles, fake pictures, even the same pictures on different profiles and so on.

We also found out that these fake persons used similar words and expressions.

They lured into your life and then suddenly they wanted you to go to the supermarket and buy some cards for them, was one example. These cards were for computer gaming, I think. When you told them there was no Walmart where you lived, they did not believe you he he he.

These fraud ones want to know a lot about your life, your pictures, your family, your work and so on but they share very little about themselves.

Instagram was interesting. There you got friend requests or a message from someone that wanted to connect with you and after a short conversation they asked you to download hangout and talk to them there. These were the creepiest in my opinion and from all around the world.

One that connected with me was from Korea and I found that interesting because I don´t know anything about South Korea. He told me he was a famous actor and was going to Canada to make a movie.

I wanted a video call to see the person and talk to him!

I got the video!  Half a minute clip with the Korean actor where he smiled and said good morning!!!

I asked is this really the video call????

Yes, it is was!

Of course, I knew this was fake and I blocked the person, which I really don´t know if it was a man or a woman but I know for sure it was not the actor!

I could tell many stories about the strange HONEST men that connected with me during this research.

The doctor, who was in fact a picture of a famous actor who was in some series playing a doctor!

Some men from Africa connected through Instagram. One was a very angry young African man and I wonder if he was actually real but when he began to ask about my opinion about relationship, I blocked him.

We, the research group have been friends for a long time and live around the world but did meet on the internet once a week for a chat, talking about books, teaching, food, cooking, life in general and the Covid situation and how everything was changing. We decided to investigate how the dating system on Facebook worked and it took us few weeks to figure it out and then we finished the task.

We learned a lot. We learned how the internet can be destroying and we appreciated it in another way, helping us to keep in touch and share our interests, even though faraway.

There are signs you should be looking for if you are contacted by someone on the internet and you want to make sure you are talking to a real person just be careful.

Look for this:

Are they asking you for money?

Are they sharing with you or just asking you to share?

Do they use sweet talk on you?

Do they want you to talk just by messages or can you call them anytime you like by video calls?

If they ask you to go on hangout, please be careful.

There is a lot of information on the internet about the fakes. Just google it and you will find a lot.

There are honest people on the internet and you can find them, just keep your eyes open.

Decades ago, people found love through sharing letters. There are many beautiful stories about that and the love poems and letters are a treasure.

Nowadays we use the internet to connect with people, and even more during the Covid time.

Don´t let your prejudges hamper you.

Look for the best in people and you might even find your future love simply by talking through the internet.

Good friends are like a diamond shining in the water. Keep your good friends and leave the fake ones.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year and perhaps you will meet your destiny on the way and become even happier this coming year.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Don´t threaten me!

28th of December

It´s evening here in my little land and I am sitting in the dark writing about my happiness and my sorrow.

I am taking responsibility for my actions and my feelings as much as I can.

People are trying to destroy my happiness and my life.

It´s up to me to rise up and defend myself and my life.

It’s up to me to rise up and speak out if I need to.

I am stronger than you think, you who threatened me, and said if I dared to write anything about you or the ones you have grouped with, I would be destroyed financially and mentally and you would ruin my life.

You can try!

I can tell you that your success will be your failure. I am stronger than the evil in you.

Your hate and your despicable actions during decades of my life have not destroyed my courage but your hateful heart is destroying you.

You are used to me not defending myself but you are mistaken thinking that is the future.

My defence wall is up and strong.

I am not alone.

I have people around me who love me and who are preparing for my defence against your actions.

This is a threat to you my enemy.

You will die before me, because your hatred it eating up your body.

You will send someone to tell me that you are dying and you will expect me to be the forgiving saviour.

I will not grieve you and I will not save you. Your are destroying everything good you ever got from me and that is your responsibility and not mine.

I don´t care about you at all.

You have no place in my heart because you ripped my feelings out on your own.

You know who your are.

I am not going to name you.

I am not going to dignify you in any way.

You are nothing!

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Do you destroy your happiness?

28. December 2021

Just a thought!

What is happiness?

Where does it come from?

How do you find it?

How do you keep it?

Are you happy?

What makes you happy?

These are all questions you may have asked yourself many times during your life and no real replies appearing.

They say that happiness comes from inside your heart.

Is it so?

I don´t know, I really don´t know.

I think the happiness you feel in certain moments live in your heart forever but you have to nourish the feeling if you want it to live.

Perhaps happiness is the feeling that dies effortlessly.

If you know what makes you unhappy you could perhaps find what makes you happy. Does that make sense?

Can you tell me what happiness is? Is it pure joy or is it sharing your feelings and thoughts with someone that cares about you? Perhaps a good friend, perhaps a spouse or perhaps just someone you meet by coincidence and you start talking?

Would it not be wonderful if you could just sit down and share your innermost feelings and thoughts with a total stranger? You would tell the person how you feel, how your sorrow is eating you up inside, how your happiness is fragile, how you want your life to be, how your life is, how you would like to change yourself? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone to share everything with? Someone with no strings attached, just someone who would listen to you?

I think many of us human beings just need a listener, not a fixer.

I think many of us think our responsibility is to fix the one we are listening to and by fixing we might make the person happy, what do you think?

I believe no one can make me happy if I am not happy inside my heart just by myself.

I can be great and amazing in the eyes of others but if I don’t see myself with the same eyes and if I think I am like a small monster in a human body who does not deserve love I am doomed to unhappiness.

The responsibility for my happiness is inside my heart.

I can wake up in the morning and decide to be happy no matter what is happening in my life.

I can also wake up in the morning and decide not to be happy no matter what.

It’s all about choice.

I woke up in the middle of the night, last night, and I thought about my happiness and I understood I needed to talk to someone who would listen without judgment.

I thought about who I could call.

I knew who I would be able to trust with my innermost feelings and this person would allow me to be me and allow me to feel what I am feeling without any conditions.

I didn’t call but I have been thinking about it today.

It would feel good to share my thoughts with a trusted friend and get perspective on my life.

I could be happy now but I am sad.

I don´t dare to be happy because of the people that want to destroy me.

This is madness but this is the truth.

I am giving away my happiness to people who hate me.

Love is trying to safe me but I am afraid.

How can this be?

I am the only one who can make me truly happy and that is my responsibility.

If I don´t turn the page I will destroy myself and those around me who really care about me. Is that what I am meant to do?

Hulda Bjornsdottir